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FCS Automotive International, Inc. is located in Detroit, Michigan - the motor city of America. We are in partnership with Yangzhou Focus Shock Absorber Co., Ltd. based in Yangzhou, China. Our products include mono tube shocks, bare struts, shock absorbers, steering dampers, force-adjustable shocks, coilover kits, truck shock absorbers, complete strut assemblies, and coil springs. We work hard to continually increase the number of car models that our struts are manufactured for while maintaining our utmost priority - the customer's satisfaction.

As for our partners, Yangzhou Focus Shock Absorber Co., Ltd., they were founded in 2004 in the Shaobo Industrial Zone in Jiangdu - one of the most prominent cities in the Jiangsu province of China. The company is built on 400,000 square feet and has a factory that covers 220,000 square feet. They boast an abundance of manpower and resources, currently employing 300 workers and 60 highly-qualified engineers and technicians, who oversee every aspect of the Research and Development process. By combining expertise and technological savvy, they have honed their workforce into a highly capable and successful team. Their production ability is among the world's leading companies, producing shocks and struts for more than 4,500 car models that cover 90% of the global market. They develop and introduce at least 800 new part numbers every year and cover every continent in the world spread over 40 clients.

To even better satisfy the needs of our clients, Yangzhou Focus Shock Absorber Co., Ltd. began constructing a new factory in August 2011 to increase their production power by about 6 million parts by December 2012. We continuously reach for customer satisfaction with our services, our products, and our collaborative way of doing business in order to live up to our motto: "Better than the best."

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